New Zealand holidays: Purepods – sleep in luxury under the stars

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I gazed up from the comfort of my bed at the night sky, a mottled canvas of stars. A dazzling show of constellations, shooting stars and the occasional satellite whizzed across the heavens. Outside the wind blew through the tussock. Something small – a skink, or maybe a rabbit – dashed past. Somewhere outside, sheep were sleeping, or perhaps watching too.

I was spending the night in a PurePod – a remote, five-star, backcountry hut, constructed mostly of glass. There are eight scattered across the South Island.

Each is in a dramatic landscape, allowing for complete immersion in nature – and the opportunity to pod-hop across the country. Inside, the pods are modern and luxurious, but the true extravagance is blissful isolation and views that run for miles – out to sea or across farms, valleys and vineyards. Immersed in the landscape, the pod is designed to take guests completely off-grid – there are no plugs, electricity or Wi-Fi and an information book includes an apology to anyone able to locate a 3G signal.

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