Italy: New beach rules to be introduced with sun lounger distancing after coronavirus

Italy has experienced much suffering at the hands of the deadly coronavirus. It currently has the highest death rate from the virus in the world. There are a total of 199,414 confirmed coronavirus cases in Italy – only the USA and Spain have more.


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Tragically, there have been 26,977 deaths in Italy from the virus so far.

However, the country has already lifted some lockdown measures.

Further relaxations are due to come in from May 4.

However, Italy is set to introduce strict new rules to prevent further spread of the virus.

Social distancing will be enforced on beaches and at resorts, with a variety of measures proposed.

These include making sure sun loungers are suitably far away from each other.

Another potential change is axing queuing at beach bars and instead introducing table service to sun loungers.

Pathways to the sea could also be roped off.

Puglia, in the south of Italy, has been testing these measures.

Private beach owners at the seaside town of Porto Cesareo have measured out 1.5m distances between seating and sun loungers.

Ropes have also been used to cordon off areas for social distancing.

“We can come safely to the sea, we have rules imposed on us, and we have imposed them on ourselves,” Fabrizio Marzano, the owner of seaside resort Bacino Grande, told Euro News.


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“And we can abide by them, which is why we have tested this distance between umbrellas.”

“The little ropes we see are simply to give an idea of the space, of what it could be, to respect the safety of all the people who go to the beach, for all the tourists.”

Marzano also commented on how food and drink service would change.

“For example, there can be no queues at the bar, as this would mean that people would be too close to each other,” he said.

“And so we will have to give the customer who wants a sandwich, a pizza, a Coca-Cola, the possibility to bring it to them to their beach umbrella.”

Other countries are also relaxing lockdown measures and planning for a return of tourists.

However some hotspots – including Cyprus – have said Britons will not yet be allowed back.

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