Coronavirus: The five of the best YouTube travel channels to binge watch during lockdown

UK citizens have been forced to self-isolate thanks to the Government’s latest crackdown on the coronavirus pandemic. The stringent measures mean that people cannot leave their homes except for one hour of daily exercise and for essential items such as food or medicines. Those who are deemed essential workers such as those who work for the council and NHS employees are also allowed to continue working.


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While many are exploring new hobbies such as knitting or learning a new language, others prefer the simple pleasures such as seeking channels to binge watch.


Now that many are left without summer holidays due to ongoing travel restrictions, why not indulge in some of YouTube’s finest travel shows and channels to escape the confines of those four walls?

Here’s a list of YouTube’s best travel channels to quench that thirst for adventure.

1) Bald & Bankrupt

With more than 1.5million subscribers, Benjamin Rich or “Bald” as he calls himself, has become somewhat of a travel sensation.

The hilarious Briton is fearless and has visited some of the most bizarre corners of the world.

From highlighting the lives of people living in the former Soviet Union and trying to smuggle a cat out of Cuba, he has done it all.

He has also blogged about riding Africa’s “worst train”, looking for marijuana in Azerbaijan, meeting members of the KGB, visiting the outskirts of Chernobyl and visiting a secret Soviet nuclear bunker.

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2) Indigo Traveller

Nick Fisher has one of the best travel channels on YouTube which sees him visit some of the world’s more unknown destinations.

His channel has an impressive 684,000 subscribers which sees him travelling countries such as Pakistan, Venezuela, Iran and Somalia.

He also visits a creepy abandoned theme park and school in Chernobyl in a very haunting series of videos.

3) Lost LeBlanc

The channel is based on the travels of Christian LeBlanc who quit his job to travel the world.

His channel is his story of “unconditionally pursuing my passion for filmmaking and travel”.

Some of his travels include the Philippines, Hawaii, Indonesia and Thailand.

4) Kara & Nate

The husband and wife duo from Nashville have visited more than 100 countries – making them members of The Travelers’ Century Club – which has given them 1.3 million subscribers.

Rather than just holidaying, they stay with local families and climb active volcanoes.

5) The Endless Adventure

Couple Eric and Allison Bieller went from being just like regular couples bingeing on Netflix at home until they realised that they wanted to travel.

So they booked a one-way flight and decided to never look back.

They travel the likes of Philippines, Tokyo and Romania plus many more destinations that are sure to make viewers wish the lockdown was over.

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