Coronavirus in Denmark: Is it safe to travel to Denmark? Are there flights?

There were more than 850,000 stays in Denmark by British tourists in 2017 most of which were trouble-free, says the Foreign Office. No one has died as a result of coronavirus during the pandemic, but there are 801 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Is it safe to travel to Denmark? Are there flights?

On Friday, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced the closure of the Danish border.

Denmark will temporarily close its borders on Saturday for non-citizens to try to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Mrs Frederiksen said: “From 12pm tomorrow the Danish borders will close.

“All tourists, all travel, all vacations, and all foreigners who cannot prove a creditable purpose of entering Denmark, will be denied entrance at the Danish border.”

The closure would not apply to the transport of goods, including foods, medicine and industry supplies. 


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She added: “We got a task to make sure not too many Danes are infected at the same time.

“801 are infected, 23 hospitalised and four are in intensive care.

“We must expect the numbers to rise, even when we act like this.

“We will see the effect of what we are doing now, but it will happen at a later date.”

Justice Minister Nick Hækkerup said flights will be shut down so for the time being there are no flights to Denmark.

The latest information on the Foreign Office’s website states: “There is an ongoing outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) in China, but cases have been confirmed in other countries. 

“Denmark (including the Faroe Islands) is amongst those countries with confirmed cases of coronavirus. 

“Denmark’s Health Authority (Sundhedssytrelsen) has opened a coronavirus hotline on +45 70 20 03 33, operators speak English and Danish. 

“There is also a coronavirus website with all the latest information in English.

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“From Friday, March 13, daycare centres, schools, universities, public cultural institutions (eg libraries) and religious institutions will be closed for two weeks.

“Companies have been advised to cancel any public indoor events of 100 attendees or more. 

“Cafés, bars and nightclubs have been advised to close.

“The Danish authorities have issued recommendations for travellers using public transport, including avoiding travelling during rush hour.”

Denmark’s foreign ministry has advised against all non-essential travel all over the world to curb the spread of the coronavirus in Denmark and other countries.

Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod, said in a statement: “The message to Danes is both clear, simple and serious.

“You should not travel abroad unless it is absolutely necessary.”

He added that all Danes abroad should return home as soon as possible.

Queen Margrethe has cancelled all events around her 80th birthday on April 16 and the England’s friendly game against Denmark later this month has been called off.

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