Cruise: Major British cruise line scraps all voyages until November in shock move

The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on the travel industry as some borders remain closed and travel restrictions are in place. But airlines and cruise lines have been left in financial disarray with fewer people being allowed to travel abroad.


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And now, due to travel restrictions another cruise line has been forced to cancel more future voyages.

Luxury cruise line Cunard has said it will be cancelling all its journeys until November.

The shocking news comes as the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the cruise industry becomes more clear.

The line is based in Southampton and has stated that all departures for Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria have been cancelled until and including November 1.

The line’s flagship, the Queen Elizabeth, has cancelled all its voyages before November 24.

The cruise line’s president, Simon Palethorpe, said the restrictions across multiple countries has been “particularly impactful”.

He said: “With many differing restrictions across countries, people’s ability to move freely and safely across borders remains seemingly someway in the distance.

“For Cunard, where we celebrate having a truly international mix of guests and sail all over the world, this becomes particularly impactful.

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“We also need to better understand the implications COVID-19 will have on board our ships.

“Whilst we have always taken pride in having the highest levels of health and safety we are looking at enhanced protocols across all aspects of ship life and experiences on shore.

“We will only return to service when we have a comprehensive restart protocol with the stamps of approval and accreditation from the most trusted and informed sources.”

Cunard was supposed to be adding another ship to its fleet, which will take place in 2022.

Its sister line, P&O Cruises, decided to also cancel its journeys until October 15.

The cruise industry has been truly decimated by the coronavirus after multiple ships had cases and fatalities on board.

The Diamond Princess, operated by Princess Cruises, was the first cruise ship to have a major outbreak on board.

Reportedly, more than 700 people became infected and 14 people died.

Following the Diamond Princess, as of May 2, more than 40 cruise ships reported positive cases of coronavirus.

Some cruise ships at sea still have crew members on board.

Many crew are forced to remain on cruise ships because they cannot be repatriated due to changing travel restrictions.

Both Cunard and P&O Cruises are offering customers a 25 percent bonus if they take a voucher for future cruises.

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