Acai juice VS Acai pills

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Acai berry is the tropical fruit from the Amazon rain forests. Its discovery is in fact a boon to the medical industry. Acai berry is in fact the powerhouse of nutrients and it is the best of all fruits with enormous nutritional value. Apart from the fruit, they are available in many variants like juice, pill, smoothies, jam etc.

Even though Acai is available in many varieties, a tough competition prevails between its juice variant and pill. This leaves the people confused whether to buy juice pr pill. The following are the similarities and differences between the pill variant and juice variant of Acai which will make you clear whether to bank on pill or juice.

The major similarity between Acai berry juice and Acai berry pill is that they both hail from the magical super fruit Acai berry. Like any other supplement, even Acai juice and pills undergo various processing’s before coming to the market

Acai berry juice is available in many varieties of which the most common and famous variants are the Amazon Thunder drink, Mona Vie juice drink, the super fruit with Mangosteen drink etc. On the other hand, the Acai pills do not have such varieties rather it comes in the usual pill form. Like Wine, Most Acai berry juice manufacturing companies have their own signature blends and their own presentation to market their brand of this nutritional juice.


Not like the Acai berry fruit which can be plucked from the tree, washed and eaten straight away. Both Acai pill and Juice undergoes processing to attain their final marketed form. When comes to the processing part, Acai juice undergo simple extraction process which involves extraction of the berry’s pulp juice, drying the pulp and turning it into powder form which is then made into juice. Whereas an Acai pill undergoes multiple complex processes which marks the major difference between acai juice variant and pill variant. So Acai juice and pills are different though they come from same fruit.

Health Benefits:

When it comes to the health benefits, Acai Juice is always healthier than that of the pill as the richness, natural flavor and healthy nutrients of the fruit is preserved in the juice which undergoes only a minimal processes. Acai pill will fall short of nutrients than the juice due to the processing; also it is easier to cut corners and use rice powder or even corn starch to replace the expensive acai powder. So the pill you buy may probably have less acai content than what it should have. So don’t fall for the pill trap without reading the ingredients list on the container as it is most likely to contain fillers.

Not only Acai pill, even Acai juice is prone to adulteration. So you got to be extra cautious as the suppliers may water it down or mix it with other juices. The most commonly found adulterant is the apple juice. This adulterated juice will not do bad for you but it will not provide you the actual expected results even after prolonged consumption. Such adulterated supplement will not be a best friend in your weight reduction mission. So watch out for the unadulterated pure juice before taking out your wallet.

Acai juice has a clear advantage because of its form. Since it is in the liquid form it will get absorbed into the blood stream faster. Acai pill being solid form has to get digested, only then it will get absorbed to enter the blood stream. So this process will take a little time for Acai pill to work and prove beneficial.

Pills tend to have lost most of its attributes while getting processed from powdering to the pill conversion. This makes Acai Juice a far more superior variant to buy. Pills have the easier advantage of portability as they can be easily carried wherever you go. They are easier to consume unlike Acai juice which has a very strong taste. The Acai Juice tastes like that of the combination of chocolate and berry. Some will like it, and some don’t.

Another advantage of acai pill is that it will have considerably lower caloric content than the acai juice. This will be good news for those people who are on a very strict diet and for whom every extra calorie counts can easily bank on acai pills. Pill supplement comes with a great deal of less sugar than acai juice. This will really sound good for those health conscious persons. There are no conclusive studies determining how many mg of acai supplement per day is effective and safer to ingest, while the marketed supplement’s average is 750 mg of acai extract.

The juice-liquid combination of Acai berry juice is a very good medium for the transportation of solid nutrients. Usually an Acai supplement leaves a bitter after taste, which is due to the vitamins and minerals that are added for providing more nutritional value.

However both are highly effective in losing weight and other medical benefits, the only difference is the time duration to prove results may differ, because different people react to things differently. And do remember Acai pill made from freeze dried acai powder will be more effective than that of the spray dried powder. So be cautious when you buy pills. No seller will come forward to tell you about the sterilization process that the powder undergoes to be transformed into a pill.

With less or no difference between acai berry juice and acai berry pill, you don’t have to worry neither about their difference nor consuming it. The choice is pretty much up to your likes as both don’t have much difference in terms of nutritional value, provided it is (100 percent pure) the natural Acai berry which is always good for health. The acai supplement will gives you more energy, leaves you healthier, makes you look younger, lose your weight and also cleanse your body. Get ready to see a healthier and energetic YOU. Happy Heath!

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