Acai and FTC Legal Lawsuit Battle

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When you are looking for something to help you to become a healthier person, you will want to consider the acai berry. The Acai Berry is becoming more and more popular with people that are looking for ways to become healthier. Those that consume Acai Berry products see almost immediate benefits to their health.

The Acai Berry is packed full of nutrients ranging from vitamins to antioxidants which will help you to achieve better health. Not only will you feel better and more healthy, but you will look better. The Acai Berry nutrients will help you become healthier from the inside to the outside.

The people around you will be able to see the positive results that the Acai Berry has on you as your skin and hair becomes noticeably healthier. You will look and feel more refreshed everyday and it will show in your looks, attitude, and energy level. If you want to become a healthier person, try the Acai Berry.


The following news release was posted on the FTC website yesterday. It’s a much anticipated and necessary blow (although very late) in the battle against the plethora of Acai Berry Scams that have been preying on desperate consumers for nearly 2 years now.

The headline does sounds promising, but if you read the news release, you see they are announcing a lawsuit against a SINGLE COMPANY! There are dozens of companies participating in these scams. We do hope the message being sent will scare some others out of the business, but if prior such actions are any indication, we doubt it. Check back next week and we’ll have an update on the repercussions.

FTC to Announce Action Against Internet Marketers of Acai Berry Weight-Loss Pills and “Colon Cleansers”
Millions of consumers who are anxious to lose weight or prevent cancer have seen the ads: “…USE WITH CAUTION! Major weight loss in short periods of time may occur,” or “detoxify your organs,” and break down and remove “toxic waste matter which may have been stuck in the folds and wrinkles of your digestive system for years and years.” Come and learn from the victims themselves what the “free” trials of these products have cost, and how the Federal Trade Commission and the business community are taking action.

The Federal Trade Commission will hold a press conference on Monday, August 16, 2010, at 10 a.m., to announce a lawsuit against a company that marketed acai berry weight-loss supplements and “colon cleansing” supplements by promising consumers “free” trials of the products.

David C. Vladeck, Director, FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Martin Elliott, Senior Business Leader, Payment System Risk, Visa Inc. Two consumers who lost money on “free” trial offers promised by this company.

Monday, August 16, 2010, 10 a.m. (The room will be open 30 minutes early for media set up.)

Federal Trade Commission, Midwest Region
55 West Monroe Street, Suite 1825
Chicago, Illinois

Call-in Information:
The toll-free phone number in the U.S. and Canada is (866) 363-9013, the confirmation number is 94253184, and the chairperson is Gail Kingsland. The lines, which are for media only, will open at 9:45 a.m. CST. Please reference the confirmation number when joining the call.

FTC Office of Public Affairs

Stay healthy with the help of Acai food supplement

One reason why people love Acai food supplements is because it helps them have a healthier body. Nowadays it’s much harder to get a complete nutrition daily and so we end up suffering from several health complications associated to the lack of some of the essential nutrients that the body need in order to fully function.

The Acai berry fruit is the best source of nutrients and that’s the reason why it’s called as the number 1 super food of the world. No other fruit can really compete with it and the fruit that is ranked as the number 2 super food is way below its mark. If you want to enjoy a healthy body and want to live longer, then it’s time that you start doing something right now. Sustenance is important but eating the healthy foods and having an active lifestyle. Live healthy and you’ll surely enjoy your life more.

Control your appetite with Acai berry

People who have been taking Acai berry notice a big difference in their appetite. Once they stopped taking the Acai product after just a few days of taking it, they notice that they feel as hungry as they used to be when they weren’t taking it. This only proves that it does help in suppressing the appetite.

When you take the food supplement or fruit juice then you will notice that you don’t feel hungry after just a short time from having your full meal. This helps in achieving great weight loss success. The appetite suppression also helps in keeping the weight off after you reach your goal weight. The longer you stay in the diet the more effective it becomes as your brain is reprogrammed with how it looks at food. It’s a source of nourishment and not a hobby and once you see food only for nourishment then it’s much easier to maintain a healthy weight.

Prevent diseases with Acai berry food supplement

When you take Acai berry food supplement, you are actually helping your body to be healthy and to prevent diseases. If you eat unhealthy foods such as those that are high in cholesterol and sugar then you are a good candidate for diabetes and heart problems.

The best way to prevent this is really by changing your appetite. Eat in moderation only especially foods that is high in sugar and fats and by taking Acai food supplement that will give your body the health giving nutrients that will improve your health. It also boosts your immune system so you won’t suffer from health problems caused by pathogens.

When you are well nourished then your body functions properly and your organs are not going to suffer from deterioration especially because of free radicals. Antioxidants get rid of these free radicals which will then improve your skin condition and delay skin aging as well as organ deterioration. That means you can enjoy life a lot longer.

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